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In today’s global marketplace, protecting your intellectual property rights has become ever more important.

Our IP Group can assist you with an array of services, from counseling and strategic advice to brand development, trademark registration and infringement, licensing, confidentiality, copyright protection and infringement, and disputes over Internet domain names.

Intellectual Property Counseling and Strategic Advice

We assist you in identifying your intellectual property, developing an intellectual property protection plan, and developing your intellectual property into valuable assets. We take pride in guiding clients through the appropriate processes for protecting and licensing their copyright, trade secrets, and trademarks. If you need patent advice, we have key relationships with outside professionals who are ready to assist.

Startup Counseling and Early Stage Development

For many entrepreneurs and new business owners, navigating through the legal issues surrounding a startup can be extremely challenging and expensive. Making the right choices early on can make a huge difference in the prospects of any young company. For that reason, our IP Group works very closely with our Business and Banking Group, which is very experienced in advising startup companies, entrepreneurs, small and large companies, and institutions about all of aspects of organizing a new business or entity, starting with making the right choice among forms of corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, other entities, and joint ventures. Our library of forms and teamwork between our two Groups provide young businesses with cost-effective solutions that transcend the traditional lines separating legal practice areas. We know of no more effective way to deal with startup companies’ legal needs, such as confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements (NDAs), business formation, employment issues, the relationships among founders and investors, assignment of intellectual property, noncompete and nonsolicitation agreements, and awards of incentives such as restricted stock, stock options, and profits interests.

Brand Development

Developing a brand—your business identity—is one of the most important aspects of creating a new business. Your brand names and logos not only provide an immediate visual identity, but are also the first cues customers or clients have in perceiving the product or service you offer. We advise you on branding, as well as on selection, adoption, and use of trademarks.

Trademark Prior Art Searches

Trademark Registration and Prosecution

Trademark registration protects your brand. It builds value and credibility for your company and allows you to prevent others from riding on the coattails of the goodwill you have worked hard to establish. We assist you through all stages of brand selection, trademark law, and management of your trademark portfolio. This includes assessing the strengths and weaknesses of potential marks, performing a trademark search to determine if your mark conflicts with others in the marketplace, registering and maintaining your mark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and assisting with international registration.

Licensing Agreements

Confidentiality, Noncompete, and Nondisclosure Agreements

Effective agreements related to intellectual property are a critical component for many businesses, and allow you to protect the brand and the client base you have built. Our IP Group is experienced in enhancing the value of your trademarks and copyrights through effective licensing agreements. We also provide protection of your assets through confidentiality, noncompete, and nondisclosure agreements.

Copyright Protection

Copyright laws are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the needs of new technology and creative works. In this dynamic environment, you need a professional who is fluent in the law and its nuances. Our copyright law practice includes all aspects of protection and guidance for, among other works, publishing, computer software, art, film, and music. We strongly recommend that our clients copyright their websites. We provide full service to meet the needs of individuals and businesses in matters including copyright registration, copyright infringement, licensing, and defense of claims.

Intellectual Property Litigation

We have a wealth of experience in enforcing and defending copyright, trademark, and related claims, as well as trade secret and unfair competition litigation. Our lawyers handle a variety of issues, include drafting cease and desist letters, alternative dispute resolution, negotiating settlements, and litigation. We can also guide you through cybersquatting cases and Internet domain name disputes.
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